Community: Gospel Engagement | Graceway Baptist Church, Milton, Ontario, Canada

June 07, 2019 Graceway Baptist Church, Milton, Ontario, Canada

Community: Gospel Engagement

Community: Gospel Engagement

If we are going to be healthy and growing in our spiritual lives, we are called to make full use of what some in church history have called the "ordinary means of grace." The ordinary means of grace include the Word of God, prayer and the fellowship of God's people. 

They're called ordinary in that they are not spectacular shock-and-awe signs and wonders. People today normally do not grow in their Christlikeness through some kind of Damascus Road experience of a light shining from Heaven and knocking them to the ground. Rather, we have been given fairly ordinary disciplines of reading and meditating on the Bible, communicating with God in personal prayer, and breaking bread together in regular fellowship with other believers. 

At Graceway, we value and encourage those ordinary means of grace, including that of fellowship in a local body. According to our vision statement (and God's Word), growing in the gospel requires us to be engaged with the gospel and in community with other followers of Christ. 

When we meet together regularly, we worship together corporately, celebrating what Christ has done and will do. We open ourselves up to the ministry of the Word by the leaders God has appointed over us and by the fellow believers in our local body. The Word in community feeds our soul, corrects our viewpoints, and strengthens our faith. 

In turn, our presence and participation in the corporate worship of God's people and the encouragement of God's Word contributes to the spiritual growth of our brothers- and sisters-in-Christ. It also speaks to unbelievers in our midst, of the joy and forgiveness available in Christ.

This weekend, do you plan to part of the community of God's people? Let's engage one another with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!